Farewell from The Mississippi Manor

Putting My Feet UpThe Mississippi Manor Bed & Breakfast Inn will no longer be accepting new reservations as of October 1, 2017.

It's been a fun-filled 27 years and we've met some wonderful people.
(We do have a few nights pre-booked after that date and we will honor those bookings)

Several people have asked me what I plan to do. Well, I'll continue to do my volunteer work with the projects I'm already involved in. I may even find some new ones!

Most often, you'll find me sitting on the porch reading. If you feel so inclined, come by and join me!

I've been known to have a pot of coffee on to share. Who knows, if you catch me at the right time of day, Happy Hour might be open!

As Bob Hope used to say, 'Thanks for the Memories.'